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Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Cardinal Lacrosse.  If you have additional questions, please contact the Club President at:  .

What is the commitment to play for Cardinal Lacrosse?

Upon accepting a position on a team in the fall, players are committing to 2 full seasons – Fall and Summer.  The Fall season runs from early-September through late-November, and the Summer season runs from early-May through mid-July.
As lacrosse is a team sport, teams can only be successful if all players attend practice and tournaments.  Therefore, players accepting a position are expected to attend all practices and tournaments, and those who fail to do so will receive reduced playing time.  If you cannot commit to the tournament schedule we request that you do not accept a position on a Cardinal team.
Some absences are considered excused absences, such as for religious observances, illness, or important family events.  Absences not considered excused absences include, but are not limited to, friends’ birthday parties, other sports practices/games, and family vacations (there is plenty of time to schedule these before and after the season).

What are the costs?

The cost for Cardinal lacrosse is approximately $2,200 per year, payable in two installments. $1500 will be due in September for the Fall season and required pre-payment of summer tournaments, and $700 in December for the Summer season. Teams that participate in indoor winter leagues, spring league or the U15 National Championship will be assessed additional fees based on actual costs. In addition, a new Cardinal uniform cost $145 and must be purchased when a player joins the club.

Cardinal Lacrosse is a Non-Profit organization, run completely by volunteer leadership. Fees are solely for the purpose of covering coaches salaries, field rentals, team/player tournament registration fees, coaches travel, lodging and per diem expenses, and club administrative costs.  Player lodging, food and transportation costs are not included.

If fees are not paid by the posted due date, the player’s spot on a team may be forfeited and offered to another player.

What uniforms are required?
Each new player will be expected to purchase a club uniform when they accept their spot on a Cardinal Team.  The uniform package consists of 3 pieces:  One reversible racerback top, a reversible skort, and a practice pinney.  Players will keep the same uniform & number for as long as they play for Cardinal.

The uniform fee is $180.00.  $145 for the uniform and $35 for the practice pinny. Replacement uniform pieces can be purchased as needed.

 How many tournaments are played and where are they?

Cardinal typically participates in 4 tournaments in the Fall and 4 tournaments in the Summer. Each team will participate in tournaments that provide the most competitive level of play for that team.  Tournaments may range from 1 day to 3 days, and the majority are located approximately 1-2 hours drive from Northern Virginia. As a result, a full-day commitment is usually required, and for some tournaments an entire weekend commitment will be required.  At least 1 tournament per season will require an overnight hotel stay because of the distance (please note that travel expenses for tournaments are not included in the fees paid to Cardinal, and are the responsibility of the player’s family). The Fall 2016 Tournament schedule will be posted under the "Scheduled Tournaments" tab above.

Are there any out of season playing requirements/opportunities?

In addition to the Fall and Summer tournament seasons, the Elementary and Middle School teams may also participate in an optional indoor Winter season (January through Feb), and an optional Spring season (April and May).

While encouraged, participation in these optional seasons is not required at this time. Payment for these optional seasons is handled directly with each specific league and is not included in the Cardinal fees. Fees have generally been minimal. Weekly game leagues have generally been played on weekends in Maryland and Northern VA. 

How many teams are there and how much playing time will my daughter get?
Cardinal will be forming a single red team for each of the following High School graduation years: 2026, 2025, 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021 and 2020.   
Cardinal teams are competitive teams and their objectives are to perform at the highest level. There are no minimum playing time policies for the Cardinal Red teams. Playing time must be earned. Coaches will play the girls that provide the best opportunity for success on the field. Factors such as missed practices, missed tournaments, effort and attitude may impact a player’s playing time.

Cardinal teams generally have between 18-22 rostered players per team. Cardinal reserves the right to add/ remove players from rosters at any time. All players are expected to work hard and demonstrate a positive attitude and willingness to improve and develop their skills on an ongoing basis. The more a player puts into the program and their own skill development...the more they'll get out of it.

Where and when are practices?
Practices are held at various locations around Northern Fairfax County, typically in the Vienna, Oakton, Chantilly and Fairfax areas.  Exact locations are dependent upon the field space assigned to Cardinal by Fairfax County.  In the fall season, one to two practices are held per week.  In the summer season, there are normally two to three practices per week. Additional practices may be added at the coaches’ discretion, and as additional fields are available.  Practices are typically not held on weekends when a tournament is played.

What if a practice or tournament gets canceled?
If a practice or tournament is canceled refunds will NOT be issued by Cardinal.  We commit to certain payments up-front for every scheduled event (practices and tournaments), and many of our expenses are paid prior to the season.

What happens if my daughter gets injured or has a medical condition and cannot play part of the season?
The players’ status would be determined by her coaches, and if needed by the Board of Directors, and a decision will be made as to whether the player can continue to be on a Cardinal team roster for a specific season. Regardless of the decision, no refunds will be given for any practices or tournaments missed due to health reasons.

What is Cardinal's mailing address?
Cardinal Girls Lacrosse Club
P.O. Box 173
Dunn Loring, Virginia 22027